Drag Racing Points Program

Shannonville Drags

Points Program

You must register for this FREE program.

Each class has a seperate program.

We’ve planned for 8 races in the series. All races count for points.

Adjustments to the program will be made as we go to reflect participation.

Points registration is FREE.

Guaranteed $500 to win. $150 to runner up.

Each race week $5 per tech card will be added to the points fund.

Any bonus money or prizes donated will be added to the points fund.

Winner gets a trophy and a Champion’s jacket.

Points and points fund will be updated after each race weekend.

All money collected goes in the program and we’ll have Season End Trophys.

  • 1 point per round win
  • Buyback rounds do not count
  • In case of shortened program (rain), only completed rounds will be scored per class
  • Ties for first will be broken by number of event wins
  • #2 tie breaker is number of runner ups
  • If still tied money will be split and a run off will be held for trophy if possible
  • All other ties will split money
  • Points will be awarded to car and driver or driver in back up car using his registered number or replacement driver driving registered car and number.
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We’re looking for sponsors. If you or someone you know might be in a position to sponsor our new program reach out to us.