Race Class Information

Race Class Information

Shannonville Drags Bracket Series



Driving past the starting line, under power, after your burnout is PROHIBITED. Do your burnouts then proceed to stage. The only EXCEPTION is cars with no front brakes.

Once one car has lit the pre-stage bulb, both cars can only move in a forward motion. NO EXCEPTIONS. The last staging motion must be forward.

All drivers are to proceed to stage in a timely manner. This rule will be strictly enforced by track officials.

Auto-start to be used.


There will be a full refund for any racer who breaks before Round 1. Any racer whose race vehicle breaks before Round 1 must come to the registration tent and inform us before their Round 1 is called to the lanes. Failure to do so will result in the racer not receiving a refund of their tech card money.


  • If a class has completed its first round of eliminations, the race will be considered complete and the purse split among round winners.
  • If a class has not started or completed its first round, tech card money will be refunded 100%.
  • If a class cannot complete the current round of competition, payouts will be split based on the previously completed round.


Your dial-in is to be on your car before you cross the ready line. Once the lanes director signals both paired cars to cross the line and one car crosses over, dial changes are PROHIBITED for that race.


Tech cards are to be purchased at the registration tent.  Tech cards are only to be sold to the racer entering the event.

All race vehicles MUST be teched and tech cards must be handed to the tech inspector.


Any protest MUST be made before you stage your car.  It is the racers responsibility to make sure that their dial-in is on the board correctly and that any mechanical malfunctions that might be in question are addressed prior to staging. Once you have staged, you have “agreed” that all things are okay including dial-ins for both lanes, staging beams and any other item that might factor in to make you “race ready”. Should you have a question about anything, DO NOT STAGE. Get the attention of the starter and address the problem.


When a class is called, head to the staging lanes.

If you want the LEFT lane use Lane 1 until full then Lane 3.

If you want the RIGHT land use Lane 2 until full then Lane 4.

In the event of uneven pairings, we will empty the lanes in pairs and then pair the cars in the same lane.  The first in the pair will get lane choice.


Buyback cars will return for Round 2 in Lanes 1&2.

Round 1 Winners in Lanes 3&4.

The ladder starts at Round 3.


Round 1 is a random pull. Will hold to the end.

Round 2 is Best R.T. from Round 1


Trophy Class


Street Cars ONLY

No Payout. Trophies ONLY

1st Round Buyback $10

Min 2 Time Trials – Plus Eliminations

No ET limit

8.50 and quicker & Convertibles. Helmets REQUIRED. 

SN – SA – M – K 2015 or newer. Rental helmets are available.



ET Break 7.0 or Slower – 0.500 Sportsman Tree

Delay boxes, throttle stops, transbrakes, 2 steps, nitrous, air throttles, air or electric shifters (unless OEM equipped) are PROHIBITED.

Vehicles must have DOT-approved tires and mufflers. Home-built mufflers are PROHIBITED.

Deep staging is ALLOWED. “DEEP” must clearly be marked on the vehicle. It is the driver’s responsibility to get staged before tree activates.

Vehicles must utilize full exhaust system. Bypasses or dump pipes are PROHIBITED.



1974 and older.

Transbrakes are PROHIBITED.

Nitrous is PROHIBITED.


Turbos are PROHIBITED.

Automated shifters are PROHIBITED.

Rear engine dragsters are PROHIBITED in this class.


Pro ET Class


ET Break 8.99 and Quicker – 1/8 mile on a five-tenths full tree, all run format.

Deep staging is ALLOWED. “DEEP” must clearly by marked on the vehicle. It is the driver’s responsibility to get staged before tree activates.

Transmission brakes are ALLOWED. Devices must be mechanical spring actuated. An adjustable switch is permitted and may be made by a threaded stop or stop rings.

Use of a delay box is PROHIBITED. Delay boxes MUST be removed from the vehicle.

Throttle stop controllers and automated throttle MUST be disabled. Any device that relays vehicles on-track performance, other than OEM, is PROHIBITED.

Line locks on non-driven wheels only. Line locks may not be used as a launching device. All wiring to the line lock MUST be visible and traceable.

Two or three-step rev limiters are ALLOWED. Clutch-launched, stick-shift cars may use a 3-step rev limiter to control burnout rpm as well as starting line rpm.

All ignition electronics will be ALLOWED with the EXCEPTION of timed ignition interruption devices (stutter boxes). All Davis Technologies traction control devices (MSD 7531, 7561 AND 7761 ARC module).

Altered and Roadsters are ALLOWED.

You will be disqualified if observed using a delay box at any time in this class.



ET Break 7.60 and quicker – 1/8 mile on a five-tenths full tree.

Deep staging is PROHIBITED.

All ignition electronics will be ALLOWED with the EXCEPTION of timed ignition interruption devices (stutter boxes). All Davis Technologies traction control devices (MSD 7531, 7561 AND 7761 ARC module).

Data recorders/electronic devices may ONLY be used to record vehicle functions. They MUST be activated by a separate switch and not activated by any other switches on the vehicle. Systems may ONLY display data after a pass or run. Any device that assists in determining track location or any entry is PROHIBITED. The use of ride height sensors and related accessories is PROHIBITED from use in all categories. The transmission of data or information to the driver or any remote location during the run is PROHIBITED.

Except for computers installed on stock vehicles by the new manufacturers for the proper operation of such vehicles, NO vehicles may be equipped with computers that in any way affect the operation of the vehicle. Data recorders may be used to record functions of a vehicle so long as they do not activate any function on the vehicle.

NO vehicle may be equipped with devices that are activated by the Christmas tree or by radio transmitters. If video equipment is utilized, it MUST be properly fastened in at all times during the competition. Devices may be removed at any time at the discretion of the track official. There will be NO laptops in the car.

Any devices which apply electronic timing keyed to the Christmas tree lighting system itself, are not connected by relay or otherwise so as to automatically activate any devices on the car necessary to place the car in motion at the start of a race are PROHIBITED.


Jr Dragster Class




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